Republic P-47D “Thunderbolt”

Republic P-47D-40 Thunderbolt “Jacky’s Revenge”

Museum Status: Restored / Operational Flight Status

Our P-47D is a restored and flying example of most produced fighter of World War Two. Nearly 15,000 P-47s were produced by Republic Aviation for the U.S. and allied nations. Nearly 9,000 were Built at the home plant in Farmingdale, NY where our museum is located today, and the remaining combat coded P-47s were built at a Republic Factory in Evansville, IN. A small lot of P-47Gs were built by Curtiss in Upstate NY but had operational issues so were relegated to stateside training after being built. Out of the nearly 15,000 built through 1945 only a handful survive today. We proudly maintain and fly our P-47 locally and at air shows in honor of all those who built an flew them during World War Two.

Mission : Fighter-Bomber

Crew: 1 Pilot

Max Speed: 433 mph at 30,000 ft

Combat Radius: 800 nm

First Flight: 6 May 1941

In service: 1942-1966(Retired from Peruvian AF)

Length: 36′ 1″

Wingspan: 40′ 9″

Height: 14′ 8 “

Max Takeoff Weight: 17,500lbs

Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Radial 2335hp

Manufacturer: Republic Aviation