holiday schedule 2016

Dec 22,23 – Open 10:30am to 4:00 pm

Dec 24 – Open 10:30am to 2:00pm

Dec 25,26 – Closed – Merry Christmas!

Dec 27, 28, 29, 30 – Open 10:30am to 4:00pm

Dec 31 – Open 10:30am – 2:00pm

Jan 1 – Close – Happy New Year!

AAM 2015 Holiday Schedule

December 23 Open 10:30am – 04:00pm

December 24 Open 10:30am – 02:00pm

December 25 Closed – Merry Christmas

December 26-30 Open 10:30am – 04:00pm

December 31 Open 10:30am – 02:00pm

January 1 Closed – Happy New Year

January 2-3 Open 10:30am – 04:00pm

We want to thank everybody for a terrifically fun and frightful Halloween celebration. We had so many wonderful costumes come through the door that it was extremely difficult to pick just one.

  • All other entrants will receive a gift certificate for a return visit to the American Airpower Museum.

May 8th, 2015 marks the 70th Anniversary of the end of the fighting in Europe during WWII. The Germans formally surrendered on 7 May 1945, with the public announcement being made on May 8th.  VE Day as it became known was not the end of WWII. The war against Japan would go on for nearly 4 more months before coming to and end. But on 8 May Europe had been liberated from the Evil that was Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

President Harry Truman addressing the nation via radio announcing the German Surrender and VE Day.

President Harry Truman addressing the nation via radio announcing the German Surrender and VE Day.

New Yorkers celebrate the announcement of VE Day in New York City's Time Square.

New Yorkers celebrate the announcement of VE Day in New York City’s Time Square.

In England, Londoners celebrate VE Day 8 May 1945.

In England, Londoners celebrate VE Day 8 May 1945.

C-47 fall flight quarter page rev1 color

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Its Offical “Hawg Homecoming!” – SURPRISE! On 18 June 2014 The American Airpower Museum, under the cover of darkness, took delivery of one of its finest Aircraft acquisition to date. USAF A-10A Tail#80-247 arrived via truck under the expert handling of World Wide Aircraft Recovery at Republic Airport.  This A-10A was acquired from the 355th FW at Davis Monthan AFB where it was last used to train ground maintenance crews. It had last been operational with the 25th Fighter Squadron, Osan AB Korea. This project was months in the making and led by AAM Board Member and Pilot Scott C., and museum manager Larry S. The acquisition was made possible by the assistance of the New York State Office of General Services and GSA.  Also have to thank the 355th FW maintenance crews and their hard work to prepare the “HAWG” for display at its birthplace here at Republic Airport. The acquisition, and transport would not have been possible if it were not for the generosity of the Eugene and Emily Grant Foundation.


The A-10A will be undergoing a period of restoration work over the coming month so will not be on permanent display until its formal dedication ceremony later in the summer. We will be sure to post on our web site and FB when you might be able to see it periodically prior to the formal event. We are very excited to be able to now have an example of every Republic Fighter Aircraft on display, with the additional arrival of a F-84F also this week. We know the A-10 has a special place in many of the hearts of those local to the Airport as many of you worked on the program or may have had family that worked on it and other Republic programs. We hope you enjoy the surprise arrival!



The folks from the The Air Museum Network joined us over Memorial Day Weekend to take a flight aboard our C-47 and see first hand the American Airpower Museum’s C-47 Flight Experience Program. Check out the article on their web site for the scoop!


Ben Rosman, a P-47 pilot who flew 112 missions over Germany and Italy during  WWII passed away on February 28th at the age of 90.

Ben was a longtime docent at the American Airpower Museum who loved telling people about his exploits in the air.