American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport creates “hands on” educational WW II aircraft through federal funds requested by Congressman Israel

Jeff Clyman, president of the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport, Farmingdale, New York, announced that a grant from the Institute of Museum Library Services requested by U.S. Congressman Steve Israel has permitted the museum to open its doors on a new “hands on” history experience designed to allow Long Island students to bridge the nearly six decades since their grandparents went to war to defend democracy.

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American Airpower Museum to honor CIA personnel killed in Afghanistan; Memorial Day ceremonies planned

At this year’s Memorial Day observance, Monday, May 31st at 12:30 p.m., the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport, 1230 New Highway, Farmingdale, will be sending its aircraft into the skies in tribute as it honors the memory of the seven CIA employees who were killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. Participating in the memorial service will be U.S. Congressman Steve Israel and Michael J. Sulick, Director of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA.

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A rare operational Sherman tank owned by the Kadish Museum of American Armor has become part of a public display of World War II armor at the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport, 1230 New Highway Farmingdale, New York, for the purpose of honoring American servicemen and women who have defended our freedoms.

The Sherman tank represents one of forty thousand built during World War II to provide Allied armored forces with the means to overwhelm the more powerful German panzers that conquered Europe. The Sherman tank was also found on battlefields ranging from North Africa to the Pacific and was effectively used by allies after World War II including the State of Israel.

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